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(I'm updating my feedback policy. Actually it's exactly the same in essentials, just making it neater.)

I love feedback on my works but you're not obligated to leave it. But if one of my fanworks makes you feel something and you'd like to share your thoughts with me, please feel free to leave feedback.

If you have suggestions for improvement in any area, please feel free to leave constructive criticism.

I enjoy receiving kudos, seeing my fanworks liked, bookmarked and recc'd. So I hope I continue to produce work that is positively received.

Last but not least, I thank every person who has left feedback and kudos, liked, bookmarked and recc'd my fanworks. It makes me very happy that you enjoyed my fanworks. Thank you so much! \o/

Last updated: April 2017.
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I've run out of space in my bio section on AO3 so I'm moving my warning and tagging info here.

  • Ratings and Warnings/Content Notes
    I don't use ratings and warnings/content notes. I prefer to provide a summary. There is only one exception: fanon/fannish character death.

    If I kill off a character in my fanfiction, I will always warn for it because I really don't like character death in fanfiction. I'm the kind of fanfic writer who is more likely to resurrect a character who died in canon.

    Canon Character Death(s): If the character died in canon, then I will tag that story with a "Spoiler" tag and not a "character death" tag. So if you really want to avoid all spoilers, skip my stories in the meantime.

  • My Tagging System on AO3
    • Character and Relationship Tags
      Characters: the first character listed is the POV character of the story. Other characters may be mentioned if their role is relevant to the story.
      Relationships and Friendships: any that are relevant to the story may be mentioned.

    • Ratings, Warnings, and Categories - I'll only use default for all of my fanfiction, i. e. Not Rated, Choose Not to Use Archive Warnings, and No Category respectively. Please read the summary of the story instead. Elaborated above.

    • Additional Tags that I Use
      Challenge-based: challenge response.
      Genre: romance, humour, drama, crack, PWP, AU, character study, missing scene, etc.
      Form: drabble, short story, novella, novel, series and meta.
      Timeline: pre-, mid- or post-canon, season, manga volume.
      Canon: whether it's based on anime, manga, TV, books, etc. For anime, if it's based on subtitled or dubbed version.
      Spoilers: Spoilers (I also use this for canon character deaths) or minor spoilers.
      Additional warnings (only for): minor character death.

  • My Tagging System on DW
    I tag my fanworks according to Fandom, Form, Challenge, Status of a series, and Series title.

Last updated: September 2013.
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I've always wanted to make a transformative works policy because I'm all for it. But I never did it before because I'm not well-known. I'm following the [community profile] snowflake_challenge right now and someone made a wishlist and hoped that more people would make a transformative works policy. I read what others had to say on the topic, especially from the point of view of podficcers, and I'm in. So here is mine.

  • Very Important Note on Works-In-Progress:
    Please do not create any transformative works based on my fanfiction or series or challenges or other fanworks that are currently Works-In-Progress. Please wait for me to complete my current/ongoing WIPs before creating any transformative works for them. Also, please refer to the list under bullet point #4.

  • Meta and other non-fiction fanworks: this policy also covers my meta fanworks posted to AO3, to [community profile] lizzys_study, and any review or commentary posts etc. I'm editing the post to reflect that.

  • Podfics and illustrations: please feel free to create podfics and art/comics for any of my completed fanfiction or fanworks, you don't need to ask for my permission. Please feel free to add or alter dialogue tags, etc. for podficcing purposes. But I am sorry to inform you that I don't listen to podfics.

  • Remixes, sequels, prequels, AUs, etc.: please feel free to use any of my abandoned fanfiction, you don't need to ask for my permission. Currently, my only abandoned series is Short Stories.
    If you wish to create remixes, sequels etc. for any of my completed fanfiction, please check the following list first for the exceptions. I will keep the list updated.

    • Please do not create remixes, sequels (including art/comics), AUs (including art/comics), etc. for the following fanfiction:
      (1) Love and Friendship and Unexpected (this series is my current WIP).
      (2) Awkward.
      (3) Make a Wish. I'm taking this one off this list so now it can be transformed further if anyone wants to.
      (4) Tradition (this is a gift but I wish to continue it).
      (5) Won't Hold Back Tonight (this is a gift but I wish to continue it).

    • I reserve the right to write remixes, sequels, prequels, AUs, etc. to all of my fanfiction and fanworks, including stories that I've abandoned.

  • Translations: please do not translate any of my fanfiction or fanworks.

  • Crediting etc: Please include a link to my fanfiction or fanwork on AO3 or [community profile] lizzys_study in your notes. If you wish to send me a link to your work or wish to ask me any questions, please contact me via private messaging (either at DW or LJ) or leave a comment at any of the following accounts: [personal profile] elizabeth_rice, [community profile] fanfic_by_lizzy, [community profile] lizzys_study, [archiveofourown.org profile] elizabeth_rice, [livejournal.com profile] elizabeth_rice, or [livejournal.com profile] fanfic_by_lizzy. Thank you.

  • Linking: you may share the link to any of my fanfiction or fanworks. But please link to my fanfiction on AO3. I've posted some meta to AO3 and others to [community profile] lizzys_study, so please link accordingly. Please note that the share buttons for my fanworks on AO3 are active.

  • Downloading: I love AO3's download options for offline reading. If you wish to download any of my fanworks via AO3 for offline reading, please go ahead.

  • Archiving and Distributing: please do not archive or distribute any of my fanfiction and fanworks without my permission. Thank you.

  • If I've missed something or if you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.

Last updated: March, 2014.


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