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Fanfiction and Meta by [personal profile] elizabeth_rice

Important The fanfiction within this journal is intended for mature readers. If you are a minor in your country, then please do not click the links or friend this community.

Disclaimer The fanfiction within this journal is based on characters and situations created and owned by their respective copyright holders. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.

Ratings and Warnings I do not provide ratings or warnings. Instead, I provide a genre and summary. Please read that. However, if the canon source (book/anime/manga/etc.) has trauma, abuse, violence and/or character death(s), then sometimes I include that in my fanfiction.

Please refer to my policy tag for additional policies.

Fandoms (alphabetically arranged) 07-Ghost, Adventures of Tintin, The, Antique Bakery, Criminal Minds, FAKE, Gakuen Heaven, Harry Potter, Hellboy, Hotel Dusk, Inuyasha, Jigoku Shoujo, Junjou Romantica, Penny Dreadful, Pride and Prejudice, Psych, Star Wars, Teen Wolf, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, Wolf Among Us, The. Crossover/Fusion Criminal Minds/Fullmetal Alchemist. Multifandom.

Fanwork types/forms are arranged in following order: Series, Short stories, Drabbles, Haiku, and Meta. Recs set that I make for bingo challenges are posted to [community profile] lizzys_study.

All new stories/fanworks are marked as such.

Short Stories


Teito didn't mind being short, he just didn't like to be reminded of his short stature. Based on prompt by [personal profile] annotated_em: "Frau/Teito, size difference".

Watching Over You

In life Bastien watched over Frau, and now it seems their roles have reversed. A Gen character sketch.

The Adventures of Tintin

Dog World New

Snowy reflects on his life with Tintin. Written for [community profile] fan_flashworks's Birthday badge challenge, prompt: dog and SBIGTTS: Writing: "write a story from perspective of inanimate object/animal".

Antique Bakery
Short Story

My Sweet Salvation New

Yusuke Ono is forced to take a rush job that he's not sure he can do. Enter Chikage. Written for [community profile] fan_flashworks's prompt Rush.

Criminal Minds
Short Story

Rising Star

Written for 3 Sentence Ficathon, prompt: Garcia writes fanfic.



'Derek was the last to pass through the door as J.J. began the introductions.' A character sketch written for [community profile] slashthedrabble prompt: "awkward".

Short Story

Light My Fire

Ryo Maclean and Dee Laytner are woking on an arson case at a construction site. They hit a snag when they discover they have more than one suspect, both with motive and opportunity but no concrete evidence. Then there's another man who seems to know more than he's claiming, but is he an accomplice or a witness? Ryo and Dee decide to follow him and are led to look at not just the case but also their partnership from a different perspective. Written for the [community profile] fan_flashworks's prompt, "hand".

Gakuen Heaven
Short Story

The Gift

A very fluffy (sappy?) future fic about Jin and Hiroya. Written for Kalloway, part of the Parallels Fanworks Exchange 2014.

Harry Potter

Short Stories

Three ficlets based on prompts from HP Quince.


Draco's Birthday

It's Draco's last birthday at Hogwarts and he finds he has one more 'gift' left to unwrap. Written for the Hex Files June Drabble Challenge.

For the Rest of the Year

'Harry woke New Year’s day with a blinding headache'. Written for the Hex Files January Drabble Challenge.

Happy New Year

'It was almost midnight, and Draco scanned the party for the recipient of his New Year's kiss'. Written for the Hex Files January Drabble Challenge.

A New Beginning

'When Draco entered the Main Hall, the New Year's Eve party was in full swing'. Written for the Hex Files January Drabble challenge.

The Well

Fred and George were always getting up to mischief, luckily Ron's magic comes to his rescue! This is a Gen character sketch.


Severus Snape's True Character

Written for [community profile] snowflake_challenge in 2012.

Short Story


The team run into a chimera problem and Red is going to have to learn to work with John. Written for Wallflowering, part of the Rarepair Fest 2014.

Hotel Dusk
Short Story


A very last minute pinch-hit written for laughingpineapple for [community profile] mm_rares 2015.

Short Story

A Much Needed Break

Another day, another argument and Miroku being Miroku. A Gen ficlet written for the AWDT prompt: "Can we go now?"

Junjou Romantica
Short Stories

As Luck Would Have It

Takahashi Misaki takes Usami Akihiko to get their fortunes (Japanese tradition of O-mikuji). Misaki's sure someone out there is laughing at them. Written for the [community profile] fan_flashworks's prompt "fortune", amnesty round.

Won't Hold Back Tonight

Miyagi Yoh is spending the evening with Takatsuki Shinobu, but he isn't privy to all of Shinobu's plans. Written for [archiveofourown.org profile] shayheyred, part of the Parallels Fanworks Exchange 2012.

Of Books and Fans

Kusama Nowaki finds a novel by Akikawa Yayoi and likes it, probably because the protagonist's name is also 'Hiroki'. Then he learns Akikawa Yayoi is none other than Usami Akihiko. Written for [archiveofourown.org profile] yhibiki, part of the Parallels Fanworks Exchange 2012.

Jigoku Shoujo
Short Story


The Shibatas thought they had escaped Ai Enma, the girl from hell. But she isn't as gone as Tsugumi and her dad believed. Written for the [community profile] fan_flashworks prompt: haunted; and [community profile] allbingo's Horror Bingo square: urban legends.

Penny Dreadful
Short Story


Written for 3 Sentence Fication, prompt: Vanessa/Sir Malcolm, gathering darkness.

Pride and Prejudice
Short Story

Good Enough

Written for 3 Sentence Ficathon, prompt: Georgiana Darcy/Colonel Fitzwilliam, even good men and women have secrets.

Short Story

The Haunted Mansion

Gus gets dragged by Shawn to investigatie an empty old mansion that may be haunted. Gus and Shawn end up trapped inside along with Juliet and Lassiter. Hilarity ensues. Written for Missy, part of the [community profile] mm_rares fanworks exchange 2014.

Star Wars

In the Dark New

Leia reflects on her feelings. Written for [community profile] fan_flashworks's Birthday badge challenge, prompt: together.


"Yeah, I'm Responsible Now, That's the Price You Pay" New

A short essay on Lando's dilemmas. Written for [community profile] fan_flashworks's prompt, Shoulder.

Teen Wolf


1. Boyfriend Trouble: Stiles explained to his dad, "Well, it started with an argument but it has a happy ending!" His dad's eye twitched. Stiles winced and added, "Yeah, could've said that better."
2. In-Law Problems: A fluffy follow-up to part 1, "Boyfriend Trouble".

Series originally written in December 2012.

Teen Wolf Season 4 Missing Scenes

A collection of missing scenes from season 4 of Teen Wolf.

TW Season 3 Missing Scenes

A collection of missing scenes, episode tags etc from season 3A and 3B. (Note: thirteen missing scenes previously categorised and tagged as short stories have been moved here. But no links have been broken.)

Dating Again

1. The First Time We Met: How Melissa's meeting with Bobby Finstock during parent-teacher conference went.
2. The Second Time We Met: Bobby Finstock ends up in the ER during the summer. Melissa tends to him and he asks her out. Melissa finds herself saying yes. Scott is in for a big surprise.

The Mystery of the Darach

1. Patterns and More Questions: Stiles eagerly tells Derek what he has learnt about the murders but he's dismayed when he learns about Derek's feelings for one of the suspects.
2. The Other Suspects: Stiles discusses his theories about the suspects with the others.

TW Seasons 1 and 2 Missing Scenes

A collection of missing scenes from seasons 1 and 2 of TW.

Short Stories

Told You So New

5 things that Derek and Stiles don't agree on but it still works. Written for [community profile] fan_flashworks's prompt Apple.

New Order

Written for 3 Sentence Ficathon, prompt: Allison/Isaac, adventures in France, nobody died AU.


Ethan tries to deal with the death of his brother. Written for the [community profile] fan_flashworks's prompt: mirror.


Talia finds Stiles wandering in the woods and brings him home. Derek gets stuck baby-sitting while they wait for Claudia to come and pick up Stiles. Written for the [community profile] fan_flashworks prompt: question.

Beacons, Mountain Lions and Aliens

After the losses Beacon Hills has suffered, Bobby and Marin catch up. Because really it's trying on a guy's nerve who works in the school that seems to be in the epicentre of all the bizarre happenings in Beacon Hills. Written for [personal profile] midnightheir, part of the [community profile] rarecharacters fanworks exchange 2014.

5 Things Derek Does that Drives Stiles Crazy

Five things that Derek does that drives Stiles crazy in many ways. Written for the [community profile] fan_flashworks's prompt: sweet and sour.


Stiles and Scott are playing together in kindergarten. Scott has been hoping to make friends with Allison while Stiles has been hoping to make friends with Derek. Both boys finally get their chance. Written for [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo round 2, square: play.

The Best Day

A day at the Beacon Hills Water Themepark. Written for [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo round 2, square: water.

Kate Argent, Badass Werewolf Hunter

Chris takes Kate out on a hunt to make sure she's ready to go on hunts on her own and Kate knows she is but this one doesn't start out the way she expected.

Once Opened

How Danny learnt about werewolves.

What Best Friends are for

Stiles always does things for Scott. It's what best friends are for. But when Scott gets his heart broken Stiles can't give Scott what he wants (Allison), but Stiles can try and give him what he needs. Scott returns the favour. Written for [community profile] cottoncandy_bingo round 2, square: beach; Porn Battle XV prompt: Scott/Stiles, holiday; and [community profile] allbingo's Bingo Valentines Fest, square: secret crush.

The Sweetest Deal

Stiles calls Danny back to work on their project for real this time, and he intends to, but from the moment Danny enters Stiles can only think about what happened the last time Danny was there. He wants to know if Danny thinks of that day too, and if he imagines what would have happened if things had gone further. So Stiles just asks Danny and convinces him to give it a try. Originally written on 9th December 2012.

Dreams Come True

The guys have just graduated from high school and Stiles decides to throw a party at Alan Deaton's. Scott, Derek, Isaac, Ethan and Danny will be there. Stiles wants to do something special for Deaton, to show the pack's appreciation so Stiles decides to make Deaton's fantasies come true. Written for [community profile] kink_bingo round 6, square: endurance.

For the Next 100 Years

During the summer, Derek trains Jackson in the preserve. Stiles and Lydia attend these sessions too. Stiles often stays behind afterwards. He asks Derek loads of questions, and they have sex. But neither can help but turn everything into a competition. Written for [community profile] kink_bingo round 6, square: wildcard: competition.

I'd Give it All to You

Erica and Boyd are in the school cafeteria. They overhear the students talking about them, especially Erica. Neither can really do anything about it but Erica decides to give the student body something to talk about. Written for [community profile] kink_bingo round 6, square: dirty talk.

Sugar and Spice

Lydia and Allison take a study break and raid the kitchen, but Allison gets a mischievous idea. This is not good news for Lydia because Allison's idea of fun has always caused her stress in the past. Written for [community profile] kink_bingo round 6, square: food.


Allison Argent and Danny Mahealani are caught by the police. Allison is offered a deal: find the person who killed Talia Hale and her family in exchange for a lighter sentence. Allison has two choices: save her friends or her family. Written for [community profile] female_fest.


Stiles tells Scott about Peter's offer. Scott doesn't react very well. Derek asks Stiles if he would ever change his answer. Character sketch.

Make a Wish

It's New Year's and Stiles wishes for a quieter year. A little ficlet I wrote for New Year's.

The Future

Jackson catches up with Danny after the attack. Character sketch.


Death By Cliché New

Derek just doesn't appreciate Stiles's homour. Written for [community profile] fan_flashworks's Birthday badge challenge, prompt: Cliché and SBIGTTS: Writing: "write a drabble that's exactly 200 words".

Stiles would say, 'It's a whole process'

After letting Deucalion go, Derek talks pack with Scott. Written for [community profile] fan_flashworks's prompt, united. A missing scene from season 3B finale.


Summary Written for [community profile] genprompt_bingo, gore.


The Beast

Scott runs from his shadow, but he can't escape it. He hopes it will leave him alone come sunset but things are not that easy anymore. Written for Fandom Snowflake Challenge. Spoilers for 3Bx01: Anchor.


The Appeal of Jackson's Vulnerability

A meta essay where I talk about the homoerotic subtext of Jackson Whittemore's interaction with Derek Hale and Chris Argent and the appeal of Jackson's vulnerability. Written for [community profile] kink_bingo round 6, square: tears.

The Sacrifices: Virgins, Warriors, Healers, Philosophers and Guardians

In this meta essay, I examine the sacrifices that Jennifer Blake committed and why, and why Deucalion said "nine" and "twelve".

Discussion: Druids and Shape-shifters

A casual fandom discussion.

Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle

Hidden Talents

Kurogane secretly submits a fanwork but with Fay and Mokona around it won't be a secret for long. Written for International Fanwork Day 2015.


The Seers

An essay where I talk about my favourite Seers in fiction. Written for the prompt "Seer/Mage/Wise man" of my [community profile] genprompt_bingo card, mainly about TRC but also includes other fandoms.

The Wolf Among Us
Short Story

Not My Fairy Tale Ending

There are many things Jack wishes he could change. This one comes with the highest cost. For [community profile] fan_flashworks, amnesty.


Criminal Minds/Fullmetal Alchemist


"Oh," Russell stopped short as he entered his bedroom. This is a side story set after the events of a main story that I've been working on for over a year. I had intended to post the main and side stories before season 7 started but the main story isn't ready yet. So I've decided to post this side story before season 8 starts. Link to the series on AO3: Love and Friendship.


Imagination New

An essay on unique and unusual pairings in the fandom with three recs. Written for [community profile] fan_flashworks's prompt: pair.

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