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elizabeth_rice ([personal profile] elizabeth_rice) wrote in [community profile] fanfic_by_lizzy2014-01-17 12:45 am
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I post all of my fanworks on AO3. I maintain a master list of my fanworks here. It's sorted by fandom and then types of fanworks.

I post the recs set that I make for bingo challenges at [community profile] lizzys_study.

Here's my admin tag. This is the tag for my policies, which includes transformative works, warnings and feedback policies. And this is the tag for all of my master posts.

Bonus! Here's a quick and easy way to search for all short stories I wrote for Teen Wolf. And another quick and easy way to keep track of my challenge entries at [community profile] fan_flashworks. And here is my FFW badges post.

I also created a space for myself where I post my informal meta posts and recs: [community profile] lizzys_study. And here is my tag for my request letters from fanworks exchanges I've participated in.

*(Sidebar: disclaimer and warnings, navigation, link list, tags list.)

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